Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC:: Catching Up

It's day 4 (Already!?) of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, and I had to play a bit of catch up last night for my lack of daily sewing:

3 little pairs of baby shoes, using some of my favorite fabrics (or scraps, as that alligator fabric is sadly all gone). I am planning on making some knit baby hats this afternoon, a project that seems a little less daunting for my first time sewing knits. There is lots of amazing clothes popping up in the Flickr pool!


small + friendly said...

I love those shoes, great fabric! Good luck with the hats, I am so happy I gave knits a chance.

Petra said...

I just finished my knit is 2 in the mourning:) OMG, this was adventurous...but I am happy how it turned out. Good luck!!!!

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