Friday, October 14, 2011

KCWC:: Day 4

I was on a roll yesterday sewing! I managed to get these little baby knot hats sewn up:
The left 5 hats are all knit- I have no idea was I was so hesitant to sew with knits! I had absolutely no problem sewing up these hats, no weird stretching while sewing or tension issues like I had imagined or expected! The cream and owl fabric is actually from a blanket I had saved, because the print was too darn cute! The solid blue hat is made from fleece, and the far right hat is made of organic sherpa. I had some scraps of the organic sherpa leftover from making blankets this week, it's super soft and cuddly!
Since I was so pleased with my first batch of hats, I kept sewing after the kiddos went to sleep. I dug out some organic fleece that I had scraps left over, and since they were not quite big enough for the whole hat pattern, I sewed a bit of a cotton print to the top for the knot! I think the polka dot hat might not stretch enough because of how much is the cotton print - but they are both cute none the less!

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Owlish said...

These look wonderful. You were really on a roll!

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