Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome home, wee one

Last Wednesday, just 8 days ago we welcomed our wee #3 to the family,
Birth Stats: 6lbs, 13 oz. 22 inches. 1 week checkup: 6lbs, 14 ounces (He had gained back 4 oz from his hospital discharge!)

Labor was furious, but I had a great nurse and wonderfully supportive husband by my side to aid in a natural childbirth. Shortly after delivery, he started to have respritory complications, and we spent the next 3 days in the NICU to monitor him. After the first night, and all tests came back clear, he was able to get off the nebulizer, out off the inclubator and able to breastfeed.
This little one is all sweetness, with his little grunts when he is hungry and his tiny smiles for the little moments he is awake.
Proud Big Brothers. I finally have let down my Big Mama Bear protective instict a bit and have allowed the boys to touch their baby brother, and even give tiny smooches. Nothing could have prepared me for how crazy difficult it is being a Mama to 3, but Kiki is amazingly helpful and so kind with his baby brother. He was beaming with pride when he got to 'show off' and introduce his baby brother to his teachers and classmates. Big Boy seems to be a little lost in where he fits into the new family situation, I am sure that will get better over time..


Kelly said...

Congrats sweetie!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, he's a doll! Congratulations and enjoy every moment ;-)

Prasti said...

aww! he is adorable. congratulations to you and your family. glad he is home and healthy :)

SisterOfTheDivide said...

That is a most angelic sweet baby and brothers are amazingly have a beautiful family! Congrats!!!

Melinda said...

Little boy #3... so sweet! Congratulations! I am so glad the complications at birth were short-lived! Enjoy!! said...

Congratulations!!! Your boys are precious!

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