Tuesday, January 24, 2012

White Belts

Last month, Kiki went to a birthday party for a school friend that was hosted at a Martial Arts School. He had a great time at the party, and came home with a card to try out a few lessons for free. Well, the first time we went he was so shy we just sat and watched. For his second lesson, the instructor bribed him with a training tool as a gift if he participated- to which he did really well following the commands. So now Kiki goes a few times a week, and has been getting better with his focus during class, as well as being able to follow along with the moves.

But then, in true little brother fashion, Big Boy was interested as well and was following along with the class drills from the seating area.

(Making thier Warrior Face after class yesterday)
So yesterday was the first class for both of them together. Big boy had to complete and follow along the entire class in order to receive his belt, just as Kiki had to. In the past 3 weeks since having Kiki in class he has already received 3 stripes - they signify the learning of different skills. The 2 black were awarded to him for completing a drill they have been doing each week, and he was given the yellow stripe yesterday for a positive discipline report for this month.
Besides the skills that their school teaches them (Respect, Discipline, Confidence) I have to admit seeing them in their tiny uniforms is just as great!

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