Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

There may be 46 more days until the first official day of Spring, but the warm 40F weather here is Wisconsin certainly has me feeling different! I have been bursting with new ideas and pattern for the shop, with few too many hours in the day to sew. Anyone want to lend me some of their little elves? :]
New in the shop today is my first batch of a new style of Organic Mary Janes,
(Yes, there is a new ruffle pair amongst the mary janes as well!)
I have had this pattern idea developing for quite some time - a pretty mary jane, yet practical as it will be comfortable and stay securely on.
If you have followed my blog/shop for a while now, you many remember that I previously made a few styles of mary janes in my shop .. Well I wasn't completely satisfied with the fit, and after a weekend spent pattern drafting, I do have to say that I find these little mary janes to be *perfect*!

More styles & colors will be updated again next week, and I also have new sizing and styles in the works.. But here I am getting ahead of myself and spilling the beans early!


racrobin said...

Very jealous. We're buried under a foot of snow, and another 10" are expected before it stops tomorrow night....

Vanessa Traylor said...

AWESOME! Those are fabulous! If we end up having a girl next... I will buy some from you! :)

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