Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DQS12 Mosaic

I know this is late coming partner, but hopefully this post will help provide some direction or helpful hints if you are looking for them!

As you can see I love bold colors! I do love a mix of colors, but do not care for a rainbow of color. I love color when combined with a neutral like soft grey or linen. I seem to be most drawn to log cabins, shoofly/churndash (but prefer straight rather than wonky), and drunkards path. I love prints or quilting that create texture or movement within the quilt, such as crosshatch prints, wavy quilting or organic line quilting.

A few questions have been posted in the group, and I thought I might sum up a few of my answers as to what I would love in a quiltie!

Katherine asked about receiving an all solid mini. I would be thrilled! Although, I would also love lots of solids with a bit of fun prints like polka dots as well!

Craktpot (teri) posted asking about colors - I usually am drawn to limited color pallettes that work together - aqua and yellow in a current fav of mine, but i also love:
grey & yellow;
mustard, teal & lilac;
aqua & orange; teal,
orange and lime... oh the list could go on!
The only color combinations I am not really a fan of, or are so over with are aqua/teal & red/pink, black with brights, and red, white and black.

I hope I gave some good tips partner, but have fun sewing! I am sure I will love the end result!

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