Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wonderful Shop.

Ok, I know this is my Sister In Law's, but I really do love her stuff. And not because I have to, but because she has some really great products!
Ark's Endeavors is open, and for the month of February she is offering a deal on FQ's: if you buy 4 fat quarters you get one free, or buy 5 and get free shipping!
She has found some really awesome, unique vintage linens.
I started using her soap about 3 months ago, and our dry skin problems have been alleviated. Cristian had an excema break out so bad on his face, it looked like he was burned. He had it for roughly 3 months i think, and we started using her unscented bar of soap, and it cleared up, and we haven't had any problems since. I have also used a few of her other scents, like the lavendar, on his skin with no problems. Baby Chiquitin does really well with the soap as well.
So go check it out, get you an oh so soft washcloth and some awesome natural bars of soap. For those of you who are crafters, check her her amazing selection of FQ's, or check out other linens she has available on her flickr.

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