Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Stash

Some yummy Robert Kaufman fabrics I picked up this weekend. The one on the left is 'Fruit Basket' and is printed in Japan. The one on the right is 'You got the notion'. The woman at the fabric shop said she was going to make curtains for her sewing room with the thread spools fabric. What a cute idea!
You can see more Sunday Stash'ers over on 1/4 of an inch's blog here.


metrosupialdesigns said...

I love the curtain idea. If only I had a sewing room! I always love these aqua colors.

Marquita said...

I love the spools fabric. :-)

susan said...

um, so where did you go, and why didnt you take your aunt?
are you sure you cant go to the quilt show? i thought you dont have class until evening?
sweet fabric

Nicki Parker said...

I love those colors! I've had my eye on the pear fabric for a while but I've never seen this color....I guess I'll just have to go FABRIC SHOPPING AGAIN!! (YAY!!)

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