Thursday, March 19, 2009

WIP Wednesday

on Thursday day again. oh well.
Chiquitin hasn't been sleeping at night, and lays awake crying for hours for some unknown reason. (sigh). Last night was the second night I have layed awake for around 3 hours trying to soothe him.
At least his is taking a nice nap now. Despite Cristian's effort to try and wake him up..
I have been trying to put together a custom order for a friend of mine. She wants some baby toys for her sons Easter basket. I made up these blocks for Chiquitin, and to try to work out any mistakes. There is a musical button is one block, and the other two make crinkly sounds. These are great for sensory play, with satin, corduroy, cotton and minky fabric as well as plenty of ribbons.
I got these fabrics from Jill, we arranged a personal I Spy fabric swap. She sent me the fun Nancy Wolf fabric on the right as an extra surprise. What a sweetie!

I was exhausted and tired yesterday and did not want to sew anything. I have about 6 wips right now, and that is about 4 too many for my linking.. After I got the swap package, I wanted to use some of the fabrics, so I made a little I Spy soft book! You can see the other pages on my flickr if you want.. This will be great to put in Chiquitin's Easter basket along with the blocks.
I got all my fabrics washed and ironed for my DQS6. The top left fabric is linen, which I plan to embroidering on.

***I have sent out all the partner emails for the Easter Bunny Children's Swap. If you haven't received your partners info, please get in touch with me!***


Josie said...

I totally found a tutorial for those today and was about to wip myself up some!! (After I checked blogs and message boards first of course! lol) Cant wait to see how they turn out!

Greenmare said...

an I spy book!!! what a great idea! very clever of you. thanks for stopping by my WI blog! where are you? I'm near the big pond, and south of Green Bay.

susan said...

cute stuff beth!
do you think butter is teething?

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