Sunday, June 21, 2009

More fabrics for swappin!

Anybody up for a swap? I am willing to swap for whatever- thread, spools of ribbon, fat quarters,fun notions...just ask! I am trying to destash for something that I will actually use, and that this fabric can get used instead of just sitting on my shelves!

#5) This is a heavier weight cotton, slightly larger than a half yard-22 inches. selvage says '...e collections by madison avenue designs.soil release' Flowers are about 3 inches.
(Susan didn't you try to steal this when I got it? let me know if you still like it!) *swapped *
#6)from the left:
Red gingham. washed. almost a yard-33 inches.
Red, navy and white nautical print. 1/2 yard. Beautiful large flowers with anchors. *swapped*
#7) Black and Whites. From the left.
fat quarter. unwashed.
fat quarter. unwashed.
fat quarter, unwashed. Robert Kaufman's '...ens and lace' screen print d#6152. this is black and silver.
flat quarter, black and charcoal grey.

#8) fat quarters, from the left
blue, light purpley/pink floral.
pink and black print, I believe it is from Michael Miller. Has a bunny, a sand pail, wreath, flowers in a vase, is very cute.

#9) from the left:
brown and light brown floral. fat quarter. unwashed.
blue, green and white fat quarter. looks like little trees.
1/2 yard of blue and brown cat fabric.

#10) 1/2 yard, unwashed of Alexander Henry's "Lady Yang"
Let me know if you like anything by leaving a comment, or contacting me at weepereas at yahoo dot com. (you don't have to want everything from the photo, swap for what you wish)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by our blog yesterday.. it gives me a chance to see who's out there and what their up to..

So, a swap.. count me in.. I love the first fabric or that would be $5 heavier weight cotton which would be perfect for one of my 'green bags' that Olivia makes! She has gotten a hold of some beautiful trims and other fabrics lately.. let's see what can be swapped.

Enjoy your day!

susan said...

yes i did love that fabric, but seeing as olivia and me has asked for it, i will bow out.

Anonymous said...

Bethie.. contact me and I'll have some photos for you too.. in the morning when the light is better.

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