Monday, August 3, 2009

Not so Chiqutin anymore..

I have been meaning to write this post for around a month now. In one more week my Chiquitin will be 10 months old.He has started crawling around. It is more of a scoot, since he can't pick his belly all the way off the floor yet. It reminds me of a turtle. :) He has also been reaching for everything, especially electronics. He can turn the dvd player off much to Cristian's dislike.

After bath time. Not something he likes so much anymore. I finally gave up on the baby bath and just give Cristian plenty of bath toys to play with so he doesn't splash Chiqutin. Both of them hate to have their hair washed though.

Last week he didn't nap. Not at all, and Cristian doesn't nap anymore either. It made for one looong week. I finally got him to stay asleep after grocery shopping by laying him on the couch.
He has been eating everything. He is such an independent eater, so very different than Cristian was at this age. He is really into feeding himself. I got him some biter biscuits and they are just the best thing ever to him. (they are actually pretty yummy too)
He is completely on table food. We grilled last night, and here he is eating a jalapeno. It wasn't spicy at all to me, and he took 3 bites, and cried when it was taken away from him. This week he has tried rice, beans, chorizo and liked it all. Hopefully he wont be such a picky eater when he grows up..

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Little Green Doll said...

Oohh! he's adorable! time passes so quick..... but it's nice to see how they grow up and become more independent. ;)

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