Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Itty Bitty

Buttercup Bag!I made up this tiny version of the Buttercup Bag for a very cute little girl, Paige. I brought some baby gifts over to her tiny baby sister and she noticed my purse. she asked me "Did you make it? It's pretty!" (I think her mother had just said something like this..) I told her yes, and would she like one? Her little face was excited, and I promised to have one for her next time I saw her.
It sewed up in about an hour or so, this is a comparison to the original pattern. Sure enough, when I went to playgroup last week she walked right up to me and asked if I had her purse :) I thought it was so very sweet that she remembered. I will definitely have to make more tiny bags in the near future..
And just because, well I needed another two year old model. Kiki enjoyed showing off Paige's bolsa (purse).


LFinn said...

This is adorable! How much smaller than the 'regular' Buttercup Bag is it? You should definitely make more!

Beth said...

Leah, the bag is 1 inch smaller then the original pattern. I didnt make it as round along the bottom though.(like a 'u' shape)

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