Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still here..

Well, hello there.
I really didnt intend to take such a bloggy break, but we moved and it seemed like it took forever to get settled in.
I have a sewing and computer room now, although I have yet to sew in there... Somehow the kitchen table is just familiar, plus I can sew while the wee ones play in the living room :)
I have been really focusing on getting more listings in my shop.
I made up a few pairs of baby shoes last week, this is just some of my favorites..

I forgot how fun it was to make tiny baby shoes, and I just grabbed every awesome fabric I saw in the stash. No more hoarding around here..

Tomarrow I am meeting up with some awesome gals to do a little sewing club. I am pretty giddy about showing others some basic sewing. Well, my SIL, Amanda, and my Aunt Susan have agreed to come help out and join in the fun :) ...Plus it will be an hour or two of mama time!
We will be making rice heat therapy bags, and this was my first one/sample. I used upcycled grey linen and orange fabric scraps from that quilt I never finished..
The tutorial is from Sew Mama Sew, but here is another one that is a slip cover.
I will have to remember to get a picture of our finished projects tomarrow..

Lately I have gotten an idea or a project in my head, and I feel like I have to
I have been doodling all these little ideas to do some applique, and I made up this little clothesline pouch for my etsy.
Something totally different, but I would like to make a few things for mom (or mama gifts) to add to my shop for the holidays..

And, something I have been working on for far too long..
I now have a pdf pattern in my shop. ^_^
I am so happy to finally have this put together and up in my shop.
HUGE thanks Jill :)
More to come soon, as Kiki is sitting on my lap, despite it being 10 oclock. He feel asleep watching a movie today, and of course that couldnt just be extra sleep today, or extra quiet time for me today..


Beth said...

OOHH...I have some of that elephant fabric i my stash, I just love it!

Ark's Endeavors said...

Awww I soo wish I could've made it, def next time though! I hope it all went well. Yay for the shoes and pdf!!!

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