Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Whole Haul.

Oh yeah. I think I should start a fabric diet. Starting now for several months. My last of my orders arrived today,
Heather Bailey Pop Garden on top, Dena Designs Taza in the middle, and Anna Moriah Horner on the bottom - love!! These are all yardage destined to be made into bags.
So here is the whole haul I got from using the coupon glitch:
All of these fabrics have intended projects, I just need the extra time at my machine to get sewing! And with crazy timing, an order I had placed 2 weeks prior to all this arrived today (finally!)
All of these prints are for custom orders for my shop - so now I can get working on these fun new items! A swap I did with Dorte came in the mail all the way from Denmark, I just love these squirrels!

Ok, Phew! So much fabric can be quite exhausting! I have more fabrics than I have space to store it all and am very tempted to just go buy more storage.. but I have lots of ideas and new fabrics to sew with now!


Anonymous said...

Wow...that's quite a lot of sewing ahead! Lovely fabrics:) Visiting via flickr today.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Very beautiful fabrics! You'll do great projects with them :) Hugs

Vanessa said...

You have the coolest fabric stash ever! Seriously!

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