Sunday, May 13, 2012


My God, how I have been blessed.
I woke up with my baby more than 4 times last night, who seems to think 5am is some sort of party hour.
My 3 year old enjoys to throw 'dying' fits where he throws himself to the floor anytime he is slightly upset, where he remains still as if a statue.
My oldest boy has the silliest behavior that trying to get him to listen calmly sometimes feels like I am speaking to a wall.
I am so lucky, so thankful for my 3 beautiful boys.
My little baby, who despite not sleeping all night loves to cuddles me, eats so easily and is an easy to please, happy baby. My 3 year old Big boy, is the softest, sweetest most sensitive little guy you can imagine. And my Kiki, who is so proud to be a big brother, is amazingly helpful and wants to be everyone's hero.
Yes, I am so blessed with three wonderful sons that God chose to have me be their Mom.
Chosen to be their Mom, to help them grow, to encourage their personalities and a strong attachment to one another.
I am so exhausted, so I-haven't-slept-more-than-4-hours tired, and feeling like I am failing when I stop to see how absolutely incredible they each are.
Big open mouth baby grins, belly laughs, and brotherly hugs that border on hurting each other.
I am so unbelievably blessed, so lucky to be needed as Mom.

*This post stems from feelings I have had all week from reading Diana's blog, and have reminded me to slow down and focus on all that I do have.


Anonymous said...

It is always reassuring to hear from other mums that parenthood isn't always easy, but you are right you have to take a moment to look at the little people they are becoming and how a lot of that is due to the input you as a parent have! I have a 9.5 month old, who has been poorly for about a week (permanently grumpy) and a feisty almost 3 year old who doesn't quite understand that her little brother needs a bit more rest at the moment!!

Melinda said...

I read your post earlier, but didn't have a moment to respond. I love your attitude and positive-ness. Being a gramma of two little darling ladies... I am a bit removed from the late and long nights. It does seem like just the other day my girls were starting kindergarten, and now they have babies of their own. Enjoy the time, savor the memories.... they grow up faster than you can imagine!

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