Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sometimes, when inspiration stikes it hits me hard. I pull out stack of fabrics, quickly jot down some notes and sew up a storm. This afternoon was no exception...
My mind is whirling with new ideas for mary janes, and I finalized the pattern for baby & girl sizes. I'm sure new styles will start to appear in the shop in just a few weeks!

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akyol_akyol said...

Hello, Beth! My name is Inna! Iam gladly that I found your blog (sorry for my English, I can do some mistakes). I am Russian but Ilive in Turkey, because my husband Turkish. And I saw your wonderfull children. Iam mother from 3 kids, the smolest one is 1,5 months now, and I wanted to make for him some spesial beautiful shoes and now after your blog I know what kind of shoes I can do. Yours are so wonderful! I like crafts as well, you can see in my blog Now I'll often visite your blog!

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