Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little fabric crazy...

If you do not follow along with me over on flickr, you have no idea what kind of madness I have been stirring up.
It started when I saw a post on a facebook group about this coupon code and error when using it.

You can use the code 'PLTRY121' to receive $20 off your order of $75 or more. If you change the amount of fabric in your cart after you enter the code, you can bring the amount due to nothing and pay the $6.95 shipping, or bring your total down to $35, get free shipping and pay the amount you went over $20.
So, $20 worth of fabric = You pay the $6.95 shipping. $35 worth of fabric = You pay the $15 you went over. Pretty nice, considering we all love a good fabric deal!
I was quite excited when I came home today to find this pile:
I was all giddy over that tall box, wondering what was packaged like that? Turns out it was the faux leather I ordered (for baby shoes soles) and is rolled on a tube. Great, since that means no creases!
So here's the haul, so far*:
Some Caleb Gray organic robots, Laurie Wisburn modern whimsy dots, plenty of Lotta Jansdotter Echo, Michael Miller huevos, Kokka owls, Echino helicopters, and some pure organic solids.

I store all of my fabric in these milk crate type bins, and I had to reorganize so I could empty one out for all the new fabric coming. is known for their irregular cuts, poorly folded fabric and shipping the wrong fabric. I am quite pleased that every piece in these packages was cut with extra length, and every order was correct.  If anyone is interested the code was still working earlier this afternoon!

*oh yeah, i still have a few orders on the way.

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Mel O'Drama said...

thanks for the tip. i feel kinda dirty taking advantage, but it's SUCH a good deal!

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