Wednesday, February 29, 2012

early morning.

Today started out so early this morning, it might as well have still been Sunday! Up at 5:30 to get Kiki ready for a trip to Children's hospital for a pediatric opthomologist appointment. At first quarter parent/teacher conferences Kiki's teacher had mentioned noticing his left eye wandering. She would notice his eye wandering out during carpet time, only to look back and find it had corrected itself - same thing would happen to me when I would watch his eye while doing projects or watching tv at home. At 2nd quarter conferences, Kiki's teacher had mentioned that she was still seeing it happening. So, I called to get an appointment  only to have 1 available in the next 4 month span!

(a bit blurry phone picture from in the office this morning)

Kiki did great at the appointment, and responded to everything the two doctor's asked him. He was brave (only cried a little bit) when he had to get the eye drops, but I had told him a lot of the things to expect at the appointment (Thanks Jenny!)

So it turns out, Kiki's vision is 20/20, only slightly near sighted, which is normal in younger children. In the rear of his eye, some of his skin folds are not fully developed which is why his eye will appear to be wandering at time - especially when standing to the side of him. What a day! All of this worrying and stressing over the 'what ifs' - but I would rather worry about the small things instead of ignoring them if it turns out it might have been something bigger!

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