About Me

(A picture of me from my wedding! It's nice to see the face behind the blog, right?!)

My name is Beth, I am wildly optimistic and try to live each day with a bright, positive outlook.
I am a wife to my best friend, a mother to two beautiful little boys (Kiki-4 1/2 and Big Boy-2 1/2), a shop owner and completely obsessed with all things sewing and quilting. I started this blog to help document all of the amazing little moments of my children growing up, and because I love making fellow bloggy friends and gain so much inspiration from the online crafting community.

I started sewing when I was around 8, after my dear Grandmother brought home a paper sack of leftover fabrics scraps and church quilting bee squares. I hand sewed those tiny scraps into little tube dresses for my (what I believed) very stylish Barbie's and those squares eventually became a very wonky quilt top that I gave to my Mother as a Mother's day gift when I was in middle school. I went on to alter my clothes in high school into indie-style fashions but didn't really find my sewing passion until I became a mother.

When my second son was born, I had the desire to create unique and special handmade items for him as well as trendy baby items that didn't only feature blue puppy dogs. This is how my crazy love for making soft sole baby shoes was born, and thus my shop was opened in late 2008. I loved creating for my friends, and hoped that others would enjoy my handmade creations just as much as I love to make them.

I ♥ each and every comment that is left on this blog, so please share with me!
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