Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Bump, 24 weeks

Baby Bump, 24 weeks by weepereas
Baby Bump, 24 weeks, a photo by weepereas on Flickr. (Please excuse the bathroom photo!)

Yup, 5 months already. Pretty sure in a few more weeks it won't be feeling like already, but rather how much longer. This second trimester has been full of ups - finally enjoying a bit more energy as well as enjoying my bump without feeling like a blimp. The weather is starting to finally feel like fall, and it just encourages my nesting (crazy cleaning I did this week - cleaning out our heat vents. Yeah...).

Since I haven't posted an update on here since we found out - I am expecting another little boy.
Yes, I am pretty certain 3 boys might drive me to be a bit crazy.. but I am excited to be having this little one. Something about boys/ brothers and the way they protect each other and just stick together.. I feel like it's similair to a pack of wolves- they do what they can to protect the pack!

I have lots of projects that I am trying to squeeze in while I still have a bit of energy, but I know my to-do list will remain much longer than my energy will!

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